Memorial Garden
Cee Carol
05/01/91 to 03/14/03
Adopted by Stacey McCarty, 08/19/00
Rescued Racers, St. Louis, MO
That's The One
03/20/00 to 08/25/03
Adopted by Sean Borland, 09/08/02
GPA Indiana
"After a dual career of racing and
having puppies, Ivey arrived to
enrich my life.
She made me the center of her
world, and carved a spot in my
heart which is hers alone."
"Our sweet girl with the goofy
name.  What we did for her
wasn't one tenth of what she
did for us."
Passed away 07/29/04
Adopted by Dave & MaryEllen Marsters,
NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption
Program - Virginia Beach, VA)
12-15-1990 to 10-17-2005
Loved by Stacey McCarty
since 4-21-2005
GPA Tri-State
"Though Skoshe was with me
only a short time, he packed a
lot of living and loving into those
months.  I am grateful for the
time I had with him."
TK's Hattie
05-21-1992 to 01-02-2006
Adopted by Stacey McCarty, 09-01-1994
"Hattie was my first greyhound and
showed me how wonderful these
dogs are. She has left behind quite a
legacy in the dogs I have fostered and
will foster in the future, and any others
that I adopt.
Hattie started it all!."
Catcha Dolly
3-21-1993 to 9-11-2006
Loved by Stacey McCarty
since 01-18-2003
GPA Tri-State
"After Molly's second career as
a mom, she entered her
second puppyhood at my
house.  She taught me that
"senior" does not necessarily
mean "sedate".  She enjoyed a
lifetime of mischief and love
during the entirely too short time
she was with me."
Cd's Jimmy
2-05-1996 to 12-03-2006
Jimmy was a handsome silvery brindle  
who came to GPA Tri-State Dec 2,
2006,  on the "Home for the Holidays"
run from Ebro & Pensacola, FL.  While
Jimmy may have been a senior in
years, his actions said otherwise... He
was very friendly, outgoing, and really
seemed to enjoy the adventure on his
trip north.

Jimmy was in foster care when he
passed away peacefully in his sleep
the morning of December 3rd.  While
we may have only known Jimmy a few
short hours, he definitely found a place
in our hearts and will truly be missed.

Our hearts go out to Jimmy's original
owner, Dorothy Moorhead.
Big Brett
3-16-1998 to 2-20-2008
Loved by the Day family since
May 2004
GPA Tri-State
"Brett, you walked through our
front door and into our hearts
forever. Coming to us after you
were returned, we couldn't
figure out why anyone would
give you up. But then we
realized that you were meant to
be ours all along. Run free
sweet boy."
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