Memorial Garden
09/2004 to 12/14/07
Adopted by David Bristow, 09/08/07
GPA Tri-State
"My boy Chachi wasn't with me
long, but he left a huge paw print
on my heart. He had the retirement
thing down pat even though he
never raced. His big brown eyes
were always bright and those
curled ears could charm the treats
right out of my hand. He was a
great playmate and big brother to
Karma, who misses her
rough-house buddy. I lost my
"Chach-meister" way too early and
miss him terribly. I know he has
made many fast friends at the
Safe Crest
11/05/93 to 07/16/07
Adopted by Stacey McCarty, May '03
Rescued Racers, St. Louis, MO
"Clover brought unparalleled
beauty and intense devotion into
my life. She was a one-person
dog and I am honored to have
been that person."
Smurf's Dente
03/01/93 to 07/25/07
Adopted by Stacey McCarty, June '03
GPA Tri-State
"Darrin was a regal dog whose
resilience and strength made it
possible for him to enjoy 4 years
with me after his former owner
relinquished him. He sometimes
showed an unexpected streak of
playfulness and good humor. He
quickly warmed up to new people
and charmed everyone with his
insistent requests for attention."
07/12/00 to 07/07/08
Fostered by the Allen family and
Stacey McCarty
GPA Tri-State
"Wolfie was a rare dog with a
sweet, trusting, patient personality
underscored with an incredibly
strong will. His battle with cancer
was fought with dignity and the
determination to live life to the
fullest. Cancer may have won over
his body but his soul is
unconquerable. He left part of
himself in the hearts of everyone
who loved and cared for him."
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AMF Big Mama
08/18/03 to 11/03/08
GPA Tri-State
"Mama came to us straight from her
racing kennel and was a rather quiet
and very shy little girl.  Once she started
settling in, she blossomed under the
guidance and care of her foster
families and learned very quickly what
friends she truly had here.  She loved to
sneak on the furniture and even into
bed in the middle of the night if she
found an empty spot. She always
adjusted well and loved to play with
stuffies and other dogs.  Mama
touched the hearts of all who knew her,
especially those who got to spend the
most time getting to know her as they
fostered her.  A battle with osteo took
this beautiful girl away from us way too
soon.  She will always be loved and
greatly missed by her
GPA Tri-State family."
Damage Down
07/05/01 to 11/26/08
Adopted by Fr. Larry Hostetter, Dec '03
GPA Tri-State
"Just as there are complex and
intelligent people, so too in the
Greyhound world.  Enzo was one of
those complex and intelligent
beings who added grace, affection,
and excitement to my life.  We
understood each other, and for that
he will be sorely missed."
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