Memorial Garden
05/1997 to 01/09/09
Adopted by Barb & Rick Hubbard, 12/30/04
GPA Tri-State
"Jingles was a Christmas present for me in 2004
and truly changed my life forever. In just a short
time with the love he showed, he turned this
non-dog person into someone who was saying
"eight is enough" this past summer. He had recently
been returned to GPA Tri-State when we met him at
PetSmart and went nose to nose with his
"bewitched" nose and his brown eyes melted our
hearts. We knew then that he was our boy. Jingles
was the leader of the pack and taught his greyhound
brothers and sisters, two cats, and many fosters
who came through our home so much! He taught
us even more. While always dealing with pain from
arthritis and corns in his back paws, he didn't let it
stop him. He had short play times with mom and
dad daily, ran with the others, and took many trips to
Panama City Beach. Jingles could be stubborn as
an ox but shared so much love. We were truly
blessed to be able to share his last four years with
him." Barb
Marium Uhl
06/09/96 to 08/06/09
Adopted by Ted and Debby Clark, July 2002
GPA Indiana
Gracie was our princess and we spoiled
her rotten.  All she ever wanted was to
please us.
She loved coming to work with us and
greeting our customers.  Gracie, we know
you are expecting to be served that rabbit,
you were so accustomed to being waited
on.  We miss you sweet girl.  The feelings
and the memories will never leave us.
"Rudy" (foreground)
Pelican Bear
9/15/99 - 9/14/09

"Kerry" (background)
ICU Baby Carrie
12/11/99 - 7/19/10

Adopted by Jeff, Susan, and Audrey Raber
GPA Indiana

Rudy found our home first in  November
2001 and adapted quickly to retirement.
Kerry came to us in May 2002. Once Rudy
was over the shock of having to share his
home, the 2 quickly formed a bond and
became inseparable. They left us way too
soon, but in their stay in our home they
showed unconditional love and taught us
more than we could teach them. They left
us within 10 months of each other and we
are finding comfort knowing they are back
together again.

Thanks for coming in and making our
home your home.
We love and miss you both.
4/14/98 - 4/29/11

Adopted by Jeff and Susan Raber 10/22/10
GPA Tri-State

Gretchen came to our home as a 12 ½ yo
Super Senior. She had lost 2 previous forever
families when we found her. She quickly
nuzzled her way into our hearts and took over.
She was the center of our attention and love
which she returned twofold. She helped us
more then she will know. The last 3 months of
her life with us she was diagnosed with cancer.
She was a strong girl and fought it to the end.
She loved life and no matter where we were she
seemed to be taking everything in. She loved to
go outside and walk around the yard, she would
follow us around the yard and give us a bump
with her head to let us know she was there and
we needed a hug.

She came into our home and helped us during
some difficult times. We love and miss you, we
will always remember your loving personality
and appreciation of the simple joys of life.
BM Bernie Mac
7/02/07 - 6/19/12

Adopted by Ray and Julie Rowland 3/01/12
GPA Tri-State

We are grateful for the time we had with Bernie,
though it was far too brief. From his mohawk to
his sweet heart, we loved Bernie and
considered it a pleasure to have him as part of
our family. We all miss him deeply.